Sisson House Guidelines

For a mixed gender group of college students as guests, we require the presence of a mature adult male and a mature female, as chaperones; when there is to be a single gender group one mature adult of the same gender is required. For a mixed gender group of high school students, we require two mature adult males and two mature adult females as chaperones.

The City of Wilmington limits the number of OVERNIGHT guests within the walls of Sisson House to 25 (twenty five) people. If your group is larger than that, we will attempt to make other nearby (a few hundred feet away) church-owned floor space, with restrooms, available for your excess sleepers.

Guests may use the kitchen to prepare meals and eat them in the dining room. A clothes washer and dryer are available for use as well. Guests are encouraged to bring their own towels, linens, and toiletries. Since we live in the “cell phone” age, we do not provide a land line telephone (capable of long distance calls) in the house.

Emergency Telephone/Internet Service

The Center has an emergency telephone (910-763-7115, local calls only) for use at the Center and is equipped with Wi-Fi Internet service.