Sisson House Pricing

Voting favorably on a recommendation of the Alice Sisson Ministry Center committee, the Session of St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church voted to convert the Sisson House into a facility to be funded entirely by donation.

This change was effective as of December 31, 2014.

Guests of Sisson House must be “under the umbrella” of a non-profit organization, and are free to use Sisson House without charge (or may donate to our church). We do ask the sponsoring organization to collect all individual donations and present one check, made out to:

St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church (marked “for” Sisson House).

This one donation check may be mailed to St. Andrews-Covenant before arrival (see “Reservations” below) or after departure, or it may be left in the “Donations” box (conspicuously located near the rear-most, or parking lot, door).

“How Much of a Gift Does Sisson House Expect?”

We have no expectation of your giving ability, yet God is good. While some guests were unable to donate, the total of giving for calendar year 2015 was significantly higher than the total “rental income” during calendar year 2014!

Certificate of Insurance

While we have never had occasion to file a claim; to hold St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church harmless from possible injury or damage to the facility while guests are in our home-away-from-home, we request that the sponsoring non-profit organization provide a Certificate of Insurance. Most insurance agents are familiar with such requests and can respond without hesitation. However if and as needed, the ASMC Director will provide a sample Certificate to you or to your agent.

Your insurance agent may mail, fax, or email the Certificate of Insurance to:

St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church
c/o Hank Montgomery, Sisson House Director
1416 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Fax: 910-862-3524


The ASMC Director both maintains a paper-based calendar and assures the on-line calendar is always in agreement.

Please use the on-line Calendar menu choice to see that your preferred or any secondary dates are available.

If your dates are available, please proceed to the on-line Application Page (below the PLANNING YOUR RETREAT menu choice) and complete the application (and SEND it to us). Alternately, you may print an application from that on-line menu choice, complete it and mail or fax it to:

St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church
c/o ASMC Director
1416 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Fax: 910-862-3524

Upon receipt of your application the Director will enter your dates into both Calendar versions as a PROVISIONAL (not firm) booking. Upon receipt of your Insurance Certificate, the Director will change your dates to display as BOOKED (unavailable to other guests).

Should a group from within St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church have a single day (non-overnight) reservation within your dates-of-choice, please inform the Director. There are many possible meeting spaces on our campus. The church-member-group may agree to an alternate location for that meeting.